Friday, January 04, 2013

Thanks for listening universe. Seriously.

So blogosphere. Just reread my old post and it made me LOL. Especially the part about loving being pregnant. Lots and lots has happened since April of 2011. First and foremost we did indeed meet all the goals I had set out in order to have baby #2. And baby #2 is on her way! In fact if I look down I can practically see a tiny arm hanging down waving at me. And let me just say that I do NOT love being pregnant this time around. Not sure if I was smoking the reefer the entire first pregnancy or if this child had just given me the hardest time while Sam took it easy on me - but NO to pregnancy. This is the last time a human will be growing in this human. Done. Thank you very much.

Minus waving baby arm.

One perk of impending birth is that I finally have the time to start writing again - getting ready for maternity leave! Baby girl is due on January 25th, just three weeks (and one day before Sam's birthday). Work is winding down and Tripp is done with school so I have time to cook and work on insane little craft projects again, hooray!

The real point of re-starting the posts today is accountability. See I've been...uh...eating for two. I mean I took that concept and I just ran with it. Ran right to Cellulite City. And you know what, I just don't want to stay in CC any more. So I've got some plans in place - plans for the gym after baby girl arrives. I plan to make regular use of their babysitting facilities while dragging my jiggly rear up the stair master and making nice nice with the elliptical.

Just as an FYI - with Sam I gained a total of 33lbs. So far this time around I've gained 26 with 3 weeks to go. I'll be happy if I don't go over 33 and if I stay under I'll be way happy. As will all my poor pants.

Before I can get into the gym though I can stop with the eating and eating and then more eating. Particularly sweets. I don't have a sweet tooth, I've got like 17 of them. I've started by putting together some delicious breakfasts parfaits that are in the fridge waiting for me.

They are made up of vanilla yogurt, bananas, blueberries, strawberries and walnuts. Nom nom nom!

We've got guests coming for lunch tomorrow - Virginia and Austin! So I won't be particularly good about my eating since I'll be serving them Better than Robert Redford for dessert. Otherwise though, I'm curbing the insane pregnant lady three desserts per day. Though three desserts per day is really wonderful, especially when you're sleep deprived and cranky and nine months pregnant. Sigh.

I'll be checking in with progress, obviously not planning to lose pounds till after the little one arrives but checking in on how my diet is improving (or not, but it will). Also nursing burns about 500 calories per day - I will be nursing the shit out of this child. I'm going to feed her 19 times per day. That's fine right?

And one last thing: I vow, from this day forward not to pin any more baked deliciousness recipes on Pinterest. Unless I create a board titled Cellulite to which I pin these recipes as a reminder of what not to do? OK, no. No more pinning!!!

And just because, here's my little man and the big man.

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