Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Mmmmmeat loaf...

dweebgirl (4:11:02 PM): you gonna have to work late today?
tripp23 (4:11:06 PM): hell no
dweebgirl (4:11:13 PM): really?!
tripp23 (4:11:14 PM): (i hope)
dweebgirl (4:11:34 PM): don't work late
dweebgirl (4:11:38 PM): come home to me and my meat loaf
dweebgirl (4:11:45 PM): and stuff that goes with meat loaf
tripp23 (4:12:29 PM): ok - but you have to promise to never say "come home to me and my meatloaf" again. OK?
tripp23 (4:12:37 PM): ever.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Cup O' Baby

Sooo, we've been kind of busy. Really busy, actually. I have about 5 unreturned phone calls (plus the unreturned work phone calls!), and a dishwasher full of dishes to be unloaded and a list of grownup type things I'm supposed to do but haven't had the time (or will) to do. But I need to post the darn pictures from our ultrasound. 'Specially since this was the big one, though we're still on the yellow team.

Here's a close up of baby's face.

And here's a close up of baby's face as well as baby's brain. The ultrasound tech. has this little switch that can add or remove baby's skin layer so you can see the organs underneath, for medical purposes, not just to be weird. So the upper right side of baby's head really is missing, and that really is his/her brain showing. It's a big one! Baby takes after mommy.

And lastly, here's a picture of baby's foot. Baby was in the standing position when we went to the ultrasound, so he or she is literally standing on my bladder and using his or her head to push on my stomach, causing me much heartburn. That's love.

At the time of the ultrasound, about a week and a half ago, baby was about 7 inches tall (standing up!) and 8 ounces. That's a cup of baby. But by the middle of this week baby will be almost double that size, 14-16 ounces! Which makes me feel better about always wanting to eat, you can't double in size without plenty of carbs! Geez. I really do need to eat the bagels, you see?

And, for the first time, I am wearing official maternity pants. They're actually too big and keep falling down, but my regular pants are too small, so I opted for feeling skinny rather than like a sausage. Which reminds me! I'd only gained 1 pound at my ultrasound appointment! That's 5 in total, so I'm not freaking out quite so much anymore. Supposedly I'm going to gain about a pound a week now, we'll see.

Last update, last weekend I finally felt the baby kick (or somersault?) for the first time! And I've been feeling baby shake and shimmy ever since. Especially if I lay down. For some reason laying down makes baby want to mosh? Last night baby kicked so hard Tripp thought I was having a contraction - it was awesome. I'll have a rant on maternity clothes shortly. Maybe tomorrow? There are many aspects to rant about.