Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Time for a frigging update, geez.

Tripp and I are getting married. Funny and weird since I'm the person who has always said I wouldn't get married, I don't believe in marriage, marriage isn't necessary, and doesn't make sense. And yet here I am. Getting married at 23, well before most of my friends. How do I always wind up contradicting myself in the most serious of ways? I'm beyond my own comprehension.

I'm excited though. Tripp is the most wonderful man I have ever met. No one has ever brought so much happiness and peace into my life. I sound very new agey and hippieish but I'm not. Since I said that, though, I may end up buy Burks tomorrow. We are going to get married in Charleston. Try to keep it small, 50 people and under. The amount of wedding arrangements we managed to make in two weeks is amazing. We did not mess around. We've got a hotel, a reception location, a wedding dress, plane tickets, and we're registered. Shit. We don't really have a choice though, since we're getting married in two months. Most people booked all this stuff a year before the date. We're more low key, I guess.

Our mom's are all happy and excited. All four of them. My dad is just sort of my dad. He weirds me out when he gets serious, and I think that he thinks he should be serious now. So he is. And it's weird. But he'll get over it soon enough, I hope. My mom is aware of the fact that no one will be walking me down the aisle and that my dad and his wife and the baby are going to be present. And she just has to deal with it. So far she's been behaving.

Outside of wedding news, I've been on the job prowl. I'm definitely nearing the "frustrated beyond return" point at work. But then again, I have a raise looming on the horizon. It keeps me continuously looking for new jobs for a period, and then saying, "No, I will wait until I've enjoyed by raise a little bit." But I'm so impatient and indecisive, I never stick with one point of view for long. I applied for two jobs and was promptly informed that both were already filled. Apparently, there are some people out there who are watching the job postings a bit more urgently. This tells me that my time hasn't come yet. Maybe after the wedding.

Maria maria has finally moved into her new place. I haven't seen it yet. She's now officially a member of Willy B. University. Alas, so is my Virginia, whose apartment I have also yet to see. I must make a trip to visit them both. I'm a terrible friend sometimes. Though, I did see Maria maria this weekend. We wanted to drink outside so we decided to buy fountain sodas and a small battle of Cpt. Morgan's an drink in the moonlight at Thompkins Square park. Unfortunately, we did not plan wisely. We ordered two large sodas, and were promptly handed two small buckets with Pepsi in them. Our small bottle of rum, split between these two troughs didn't make a dent. I brilliantly decided to get another bottle and pour half into each of our drinks again.

We sat on the swings at Thompkins, drinking our buckets of alcoholic beverages, rehasing every past relationship we've ever had and watching a couple fornicate on the jungle gym several yards away from us. After an hour or two we each managed to finish our drinks, and when we stood up from the swings we were both quite surprised to find out that we were actually quite drunk. Funny how drinking an entire bottle of rum each can just sneak up on you that way. By the time I made it back to Jersey I felt not too drunk so bypassed the vitamin B. Bad idea, it was hangover city the next morning. A whole bottle of rum, even tempered by a gallon of soda, can really turn your head to soup. Though the night was an exceptionally fun one, and I'd do it again, only I'd order a small soda.