Sunday, April 27, 2008

Cloth diaperes and other things I don't have time for

So I ordered a box full of different types of cloth diapers. I opted for the fitted kind, which are shaped somewhat like a disposable diaper and have closures, rather than being a flat sheet you have to fold and pin. The box came in the mail about two weeks ago, and, here it sits on my desk - unopened.

Seeing as I haven't had time to open the box and give the diapers their initial wash I think this means I don't have time to wash diapers every other day or so. Probably, right? I then made time to search for a diaper service in Montclair. And much to my surprise, dismay, chagrin, and alarm there is no frigging diaper service in Montclair!!! How the hell can this be? This is Montclair, the uber liberal, artsy, green, progressive Yippy (Yuppie/Hippie) city-burb of New Jersey! They've got everything any mom, arty, bookish, monied, green person could ever ask for! Everything, that is, but cloth diapering service. I guess it's because all the wealthy Montclair moms have their nannies do the laundry, including the cloth diapers. SUCH A BUMMER!

So, I am going to have to look into other more environmentally friendly diapers as I can't afford to quit my job so I can stay home washing f'ing diapers all day. Why is it so hard to try to live in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way? Why!?

I also don't have time right now to:

1. Edit my friend's manuscript
2. Clean the house
3. Go out and shop for a good book
4. Put in all the extra time I'd like to on work stuff (actually I just choose not to do this as I'd rather hang with Sam)

At the very least I am able to breast feed Sam which means he's should have super human immunity to, like every disease and virus ever. Right? And hes should never gain any excess weight, and he's going to be a super frigging genius. Or at least that's what they say in all the crap you find about breast feeding. Between work, taking care of Sam and home, nursing, and these classes I'm going to take to finally finish the NYU publishing certificate I no longer have time for much else, including shaving my legs. Poor Tripp.

Someone should just pay me a salary for being so awesome so I could spend more time doing the other stuff I would like to do. I mean, seriously.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Dear blogosphere,

I'm catching up on my NPR Story of the Day podcasts here at the office and the April 4th story is about the Democratic race. It sounds like some ridiculous people who call themselves Democrats are feeling so polarized by the Clinton V. Obama race that they will vote McCain if their Democrat of choice is not elected. stupid.

Personally, I think I prefer Obama over Clinton. One thing that is 100% certain though, is that I do not support McCain. And the most important thing for this upcoming election is that we not have another Republican voted in for four more disastrous years. I don't care if you like Hilary better or if you think Barack is the right candidate - you just better not go screwing up the election for everyone else in the country by voting for McCain out of adolescent spite! Are these people kidding me? Grow up! Great idea - vote for McCain and you'll really show those other Democrats! Morons. Ugh. I'm just so disgusted with some people. Put away your stupid "I support Clinton/Obama" stickers, magnets, yard signs and try to think with more than .5% of your brain! It doesn't really matter all that much if Clinton wins or Obama wins, what does matter is that McCain does not. It should now be your goal, if you call yourself a Democrat - to get a Democrat elected. At this point any Democrat will be a step (or 20) up from our current situation.