Monday, October 15, 2007

Italia Vacanza!

We put our deposit down on the villa we'll be staying in when we go to Venice/Florence/Tuscany! I'm so excited but I'm gonna need to calm down seeing as the trip isn't for another year (December 08) it could seriously ware a sister out to be perpetually excited for a year. We'll be going with 8 other people that we don't know very well which means things could get exciting. I'm mostly looking forward to the food and drink, and I don't think any potentially weird folks can really ruin a true Italian meal. Yum!

Depending on the temperament on the of the little monkey baby he or she may be visiting Italy too. If baby takes after mother and is a cranky whiny brat baby will probably stay with one of his/her many, many grandmas. If, however, baby is more content and peaceful like the old man, the little monkey will be coming with us. A world traveler before he/she is even one! My baby is going to be the coolest. Seriously.

The only issue, is that if baby does come with us I'll have to get the baby vaccinated before we go. Our plan has been to wait till baby is about two to start getting the vaccines done to avoid any potential links between vaccines and autism. I know it hasn't been 100% proven that vaccines cause autism, but I figured it can't hurt to wait till baby is a little bigger. Buuuuut, if we go to Europe it will be safer for baby to get shots, so, it's a compromise we'll have to consider. We shall see!

Here is the awesome
villa we'll be staying in.

Mmmmmm, Italy.

Sunday, October 14, 2007


We've been pretty busy lately, hence the lack of posts. It turns out there are lots and lots of things that have to be taken care of when you're having a baby. And they have to be done months before baby even gets here! Who'dve thunk?

So, we sort of figured out what we're going to do after baby gets here. I'm going to go back to work and work from home two days a week, baby will stay with Granny Cathy the other three days a week (since she gets to work from home as often as she'd like). This is a huge relief because I wasn't having a lot of luck finding nanny/sitter options that are affordable and I don't like the idea of dropping off a teeny tiny infant at a daycare center. Having Granny Cathy is a huuuuge relief. We were debating having me stay home during the day and just freelance and maybe work two evenings a week or so to cover my school loan payments (damn them to hell) and supplement Tripp's income. Then I got kind of bummed about us having to be pretty poor for the duration of my stay-at-home-mom stint. Now I'll get to keep working, spend some time with baby while I work from home and have a family member watch baby the rest of the week. Totally a great situation for us! We're super fortunate that Granny Cathy can and wants to do this for us.

Then we decided that it would probably be a good idea to get a car but we haven't come to terms on how to buy a car. Tripp wants to lease a new car. I'm completely anti-leasing, I want to buy a used car outright. I'm leaning toward buying a reliable (oh my god, boring word that parental type people use!!!!!!!) car, like a Honda or something for a few grand and then not having to make monthly payments. But we are really unsure of what the best option is. We need a car to use in the evening for grocery shopping/visits to the pediatrician and then for the weekends. During the week we're at work all day and won't need to use a car much. Anybody have any opinions on this? Two of my friends have leased cars, one bought a car new and paid it off after a few years, and others have bought used cars. I still think I'm right (big surprise) about buying a used car outright considering how we plan to use the car. Tripp doesn't want to have to worry about buying a total lemon and getting screwed with tons of expensive visits to the mechanic. I would very much welcome any opinions, advice, real life stories that might shed some light on this for us...

Oh yeah, and we ordered baby furniture and got some paint samples! We've got a few more weeks till the furniture gets here, but once it does I think it will actually dawn on us that we are going to bring a real live human being home with us from the hospital. Holy crap. I mean, we sort of know it because we can watch my belly for a half hour and see baby trying to punch and kick his/her way out of my tummy, so we know it's a real living thing, but once the room is all set up I think we're going to freak out, just a little bit. Or a lot.

Also signed up for pre-natal yoga to get my my pelvis in shape. Gotta work that bad boy out for the big event this winter. It's a really good class and I get to meet lots of other pregnant women, which is nice since I'm pretty much a pioneer among my friends. None of my lady friends will be bringing forth life for at least a good 5 years or so they say. The only problem is that most of the women in my yoga class are a good 5 years older than me! I think I've tricked a few of the women into thinking I'm mature though, so they talk to me. And found a "holistic" hippy-dippy birthing class to take this winter to prep for the main event too - yoga to prepare the pelivs, class to prepare the brain. Hopefully between the yoga and the class I'll be able to make it through labor without an epidural and without saying anything too evil to Tripp.

Finally, been thinking about the upcoming holiday season, I know it's a few months away, but we've got every weekend till December booked so we have to start planning now before it just creeps up on us. Our plan this year is to make the holidays more enjoyable for us and our loved ones and less about spending a million dollars on enough presents to show our friends and family how much we love them. We're going to try to follow much of what is included in the Simplify the Holidays guide fromNew American Dream . We haven't figured out exactly what we're going to do yet, but I'll definitely post once we have a plan. I do know that we're planning to email this guide to our closest friends and family so that they hopefully understand why we will do whatever we choose to do for the holidays, even if they don't necessarily agree with our beliefs. Check out the guide, they have lots of great tips and ideas about how to spend a more economically and environmentally friendly holiday season with your loved ones.

Oh and here are the latest pictures of the belly at 25 weeks:

And here is Charlie, our fat fur baby, just cause she's so cute I could eat her face.