Sunday, November 19, 2006

I stand corrected

I finally heard the NPR broadcast about the clothing industry in Cambodia. It only took me an entire year after the broadcast initially aired, but at least I am now in the know. The short and sweet of it is this: Cambodia's clothing industry is trying to revive the economy and in an effort to garner more textile business, Cambodia has revamped its policies on workers' benefits in the garment industry. Cambodian garment workers receive a mandatory 40 vacation days a year, they have a minimum wage, mothers with small children have mandatory access to their children for breast feeding at all times and garment workers are among the highest paid workers in Cambodia.

Obviously, I was very much incorrect in thinking that purchasing clothes with "Made in Cambodia" on the label would be supporting sweatshop labor. Now that I know this I would definitely encourage people to seek out clothing that was made in Cambodia, since this could help stabilize Cambodia's economy and pave the way for working conditions in other sectors to improve as well. BUY CAMBODIAN! And American, and from any other sweatshop free nation. To the reader DAS, thank you for your earlier comment about encouraging people to buy Cambodian. You obviously didn't miss the NPR broadcast the first time it aired.

One major store that is definitely a supporter of Cambodian textiles is The Gap. So if you happen to be shopping there, keep an eye out for "Made in Cambodia" clothing.

On another note, American Apparel has lots of new dresses available, as well as a few men's pieces added lately. If only Apparel Agents would get a move on putting out some new items, that would be something to shop for!

To all of my three readers, please do leave me a comment if you have any information related to buying sweatshop free. And if you think I'm incorrect in something I've written here, let me know as well. I'd definitely rather do some more research and spread the truth than unknowingly mislead anyone!