Friday, January 11, 2013

Two days ago I was a miserable unproductive wretch and completely hated life. Yesterday, went to Starbucks, was productive, all in all a good day.

Today I opted to just work at home. Bad idea. I was a miserable unproductive (well, semi-productive) wretch for the majority of the day. I'm pretty sure that being at the end of my pregnancy, not being able to pursue new projets at work and hormones are making me sort of bi-polar. I mean literally - good day, then bad day, then good day, then bad day.

I decided to wrap up work 30 minutes early, pick up the kiddo, and get out of the house. Washing my face, brushing my teeth and putting on some blush seemed to do wonders for my mood. Probably also for my breath. Sam was tired but well behaved. We got some yummy groceries because I've been really incredibly inspired by this blog I stumbled across Ohdeardrea. She is inspiring and awesome and goegeous for many reasons, but at the moment she is most inspiring to cut out the sugar (succes today!) and eat healthier. She's vegan - I don't think I can go that far, but she has me considering vegetarian. Like really considering it.

Anyway, Sam and I picked up lots of goodies to make yummy, veggie treats. We also got goodies at Sbux because heaven forbid I not consume their products for even a single day. We got home both in a better mood, feeling at least human and had a delicious dinner. I went for an Ohdeardrea inspired Things on Toast dinner for myself - hummus, avocado and sea salt = de-freaking-licious.

Sam ended his Friday evening with one of his favorite past times - warm bubbley water in the kitchen sink. Glad Santa brought him so many toys. ;)

Hoping for a more balanced day tomorrow.

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