Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dear universe...

I've considered on many occasions updating this blog. In fact I've thought out entire entries but have always felt overwhelmed by how much time has passed and the fact that I can't possibly remember everything that has happened that I need to update on this blog. So I'm not going to bother. I'll just start with where I am now:

-Just got a quasi-promotion which is great and yet, insanely stressful.

-My boss is in town for the past week and a half, also great and even more stressful.

-Sam is turning 2 next week and we are planning his birthday party. Unfortunately, it falls on the day of some sort of "important" Jets game, and now his party has somehow become Jets themed. Oh. Joy. Just what I've always hoped for.

-My in-laws were in town over the three day weekend. Fun, yet stressful.

-Tripp, the husband, is still working his full-time gig, and also going to school full-time. He is currently enrolled in his most challenging class to date. Not fun. Very, very stressful.

-Tripp is also working late all week.

-I have taken up running, and sick as it may seem, I actually enjoy it. When Tripp is home at a decent hour I run the Woody Allen inner-monologue out of my skull.

The tiny bits of fun are being worn very, very thin by all the stressful bits.

The good news: we're all healthy, we both have jobs, Sam is the awesomest, and for the most part, all of our friends and family are healthy and employed as well.

I miss cooking a lot lately. I also miss traveling. Tripp and I could really use a vacation of some sort, even if it's just for three days. I have to talk my miserly, overly-anxious self into parting with some of our money in order to fund a little time off. Hopefully, I will be able to figure out when Tripp next has off from school and whisk him away somewhere exotic - like Florida. It's a recession so we have to dream big in mini.

Unfortunately, no pictures to upload today - all of the recent ones are on the hubby's fancy pants new school laptop. I will return with those ASAP. If only for my own viewing pleasure.


B.J. said...

Good to see that you're doing fine (eventhough "stress" is repeated a bunch of time).
For your vacation, if Paris is an option you can have a free place to stay.

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