Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Why do people think that drilling for oil offshore will actually reduce the price of gasoline?!?! The fact is that oil is NOT a renewable resource - the oil on the planet is running out. Drilling for it in more places will not stop it from running out. We have to eventually stop using oil - so instead of trying to dig up all the last drops of oil, how about we move forward and start using other forms of fuel - like solar, hydro, wind, etc. All of which are renewable and therefore CANNOT run out.

I don't think that could be more clear. There is only so much oil and it's being depleted - the price of oil isn't going to go down, we just have to start using other fuels. The end.


t.c. said...

As long as the oil men in the White House are still in power, they're not going to revise their policy. Here's another example.

Chris said...

I like nuclear energy. It's clean(ish) and makes things glow on cartoons. Therefore, it's good.

Now I know what you're saying, "there's no good way to dispose of nuclear waste." Well that's just missing the most obvious (safe) way to dispose of nuclear waste, I say. We have the Sun!

Yep, just shoot rockets with spent nuclear fuel rods at the Sun. All you have to do is get them started in the right direction, then let the Sun's massive gravitational pull take care of the rest. There, problem solved.

Plus, if we start doing this often enough, we'll eventually figure out how to do this so cheap that we'll be able to throw our other garbage into the Sun.

The Sun: Earth's most awesomest trash incinerator.

nicole said...

Chris, that is a brilliant idea. You should probably run for president based on your geniusness.

Chris said...

You mock me, but one day you'll see that I was right all along. The whole world will see. Then it will be Chris who has the last laugh.

Oh, and by the way, I have a giant foam finger and other stuff I gotta drop off for you here. Give me a call and let me know when you're around during the week.